About BoilerMaster Group





The BoilerMaster Group of companies is recognised for its product and service quality. The group's distinctive capacities to provide fully integrated mechanical engineering design, construction, installation, maintenance, and repairs and engineering services; including crude oil tanking cleaning, hydro-jetting cleaning, chemical cleaning, and insulation and refractory services, performing as a one-stop shop for all engineering problems related to heat transfer, making it the premier choice contractor for the South East Asian region.

Principal Product Groups

  1. Static Heat Transfer Equipment; design, construction and replacement
  2. Water Jetting Services; surface preparation, lancing and tank cleaning
  3. Refractory and Insulation
  4. Chemical Cleaning, including pigging and hot oil flushing
  5. Manless Entry Tank Cleaning;  average tank diameters  of 75 m
  6. Scaffolding, provision and erection services
  7. Energy Recovery via Heliex steam recovery
  8. Refinery Turn-Around
  9. Feasibility Studies; inspections and boiler improvement and remaining life studies
  10. Projects and other rental services

BoilerMaster Holdings




  Group Members Countries
1. BoilerMaster Pte Ltd Singapore
2. Trident Hydro Jetting Pte Ltd Singapore
3. Tube Master Pte Ltd Singapore
4. BoilerMaster Sdn Bhd Malaysia
5. Tanah Temasik Sdn Bhd Malaysia
6. BoilerTech Manufacturing Sdn Bhd Malaysia
7. BoilerMaster (EM) Sdn Bhd Malaysia
8. Boilermaster Asia Co., Ltd Thailand
9. P.T. BoilerTech Indonesia
10. Trident HydroJetting Philippines Inc. Philippines
11. Boilermaster Vietnam Co. Ltd Vietnam
12. Trident Hydro Jetting Sdn. Bhd Brunei

As of Oct 2016

The Group also participates in projects in Brunei and other South East Asian countries through our associates.

Contact : Mr Quek Tiong Chan, General Manager
Email : quektiongchan@boilermaster.biz